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Data Visualization
When making decisions, clarity on insights is key. We can connect to your data and visualize what really matters to your business. From building your data infrastructure and collecting datasets to designing and programming your dashboard, we can support you on all the process.
We can combine pure data analytics, with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) so we can locate your information in a way that you can easily see, analyze, and understand patterns and relationships.
Visual Storytelling
Companies have enough arguments to convince their customers. However, ordering, making sense and visualize all that information is not an easy task.
We believe in the power of visual information to tell stories.
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“Working with Singular Fact has been a great experience. They both understand business needs, marketing perspective and have a great technological expertise”

Miguel Ángel de Ramon
CMO, British Telecom

“They have always supported our projects with custom solutions, understanding what was needed and supporting us in the whole process. It´s been not only efficient, but even delightful working with them.”

Carola García Ariño
Head Of sales Client Direct & Business Development
at - group

“Singular Fact understood a GIS project which was tremendously complex in a matter of days and was very flexible and super professional. We will work again with them”

Luis Miguel Agudo
CEO at 2Carto

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